The Greenery Landscape Design

Quality landscaping is an investment. A properly planned landscape will provide years of enjoyment, without burdening the owner with excessive maintenance chores. The creation of “outdoor rooms” (i.e.- patios, decks, etc.) can greatly extend living space and offer more usable square footage for the owner. Newly planted trees and shrubs will also develop into valuable specimens over time and add real value to your home. Furthermore, in these times of rising energy costs, properly placed shade trees will provide protection from the summer sun. Selective planting will also shield your home from energy robbing winds, thus greatly reducing energy costs. If you are considering selling your property in the near future, now is the time to landscape. Proper landscaping will not only improve the value of the property will greatly increase the “curb appeal” leading to a quicker sale. Remember, first impressions are very important. At the Greenery, we are here to help you make sound decisions for your landscape work. Our services are personalized and professional. We are thorough from the beginning of our design and throughout the installation. We follow up all work with a meeting with our designer to ensure that you are pleased with the end product. We guarantee our nursery stock for one full year after the job is completed. Join our list of satisfied customers and help your landscape realize its true potential.