What type mulch should I use, how often and what thickness should it be applied?

There is no doubt that mulch is very beneficial for your plants. A proper application of mulch is helpful in retaining moisture, inhibiting weeds and keeping the soil temperature constant. Nothing looks better than a fresh application of mulch to make your plants really pop.

The type of mulch you use is generally a matter of budget and personal preference. When we started in this business almost thirty years ago, there were only a few choices
when it came to mulch. It was mostly hardwood bark mulch and pine bark mulch. Today, there are many more choices including cypress, cedar, rubber and dyed mulches buy viagra in canada in red, brown and black. Although more expensive, cedar, cypress and dyed mulches are resistant to fading and slow to deteriorate.The hardwood and pine mulches are more natural in appearance and less expensive, but will fade and deteriorate with time.

How often you apply mulch is based on the appearance and condition of the existing mulch. Generally, the hardwood and pine needs to be re-applied once a year. Cedar, cypress and dyed mulches can last up to a year and a half. No matter the type mulch you use, the optimum thickness is two to three inches. More than that is too “mulch” of a good thing.